Text Color Has Changed

The text color of the AI chat text has changed for me. How can I get it back?


Thank you for reporting this issue. We have been pushing many changes to the chat and have recently pushed a change to make sure the AI Chat is more easy to read for most themes, however, it seems it made it worse for your theme.

Could I ask what is the theme that you are using that causes this? We will come up with a fix ASAP.

I’m using a custom theme I made a while back. Is there a property for the text color I could override with my theme and set?

@shaoruu following up, this has made cursor unuseable for me

@truell20 any help on this?

Hi @jrandall11, the token to edit is --vscode-editor-foreground. Please let me know if it doesn’t work, and sorry for the delay!

@shaoruu where would I add that? I’m not seeing that in my theme file or in user settings

Hi @jrandall11 , sorry for the confusion!

I meant the editor.foreground color token. ref

@jrandall11 Just checking in to make sure that this solved your issue.

@shaoruu @amanrs

Thank you for the response. editor.foreground did change the color for me, but the problem is my syntax coloring relies on that so it changes all the syntax color to a different color as well.

That’s an issue because my editor has a white/light background and the rest of the IDE is dark from my theme.

I was able to override using “tokenColors” and applying my previous editor.foreground color to the base scope for JavaScript and JSON files, but would like to not rely on this workaround.

Would it be possible to decouple the text color for the AI Chat responses from editor.foreground?