Thank you for having an actual forum!

Thank you for having a real forum. I like Discord when it’s a server of maybe 25 people, but no one in Discord actually uses threads and it’s not easily searchable. There has been such a trend of making every community in Discord so I’m really happy that this exists here.


Agreed — Discord is unsearchable both for humans and (more importantly) LLMs!

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Yes - thank you so much for choosing Discourse > Discord.

I understand why so many people choose Discord, it’s easy to add servers and thus low barrier-to-entry. Easy to get a lot of eyeballs quickly, but the quality of discussion is so low. I’m on so many AI Discords out of sheer necessity, but the UX makes me feel nauseous and confused. And of course smart people value their attention, so it becomes increasingly difficult to get the attention of anyone who actually knows anything once the server hits a certain size (or the company hits a size where looking at Discord is untenable for employees).



Totally second that :slight_smile: It’s definitely this kind of details that tell me that Cursor is above the competition. Discord is messy and lacks focus in discussion. Also it’s not searchable from Google which I think is keeping them very confidential. It’s basically for niche users only (such as Cody Discord, etc.) and don’t seem to be well kept up to date. I prefer a ticket/topic based approach like here.

Keep up the great work guys, together we’re in this :slight_smile:

Why isn’t this forum mentioned in the GitHub repo?