The addition of GPT-Vision

I am thinking of connecting the vision API, for the ease of developing front-end code, by simply dropping an image depicting the UI part of the page, and with the context of the project in mind, to write the code needed for that page, using the technologies used in your project/repo


We will definitely explore the Vision capabilities and see what’s possible.


Whoa, that idea’s straight-up fire!
Imagine this: I’ve just sketched out a fresh new login page on some design tool. Instead of going through the usual grind of translating that pixel-perfect design into lines of code, I could just pop that image into the editor, and bam! Get the HTML, CSS, and even the React or Vue components (or whatever we’re working with) ready to roll. No more pixel-pushing or second-guessing if I’ve nailed the design with my code. This could seriously slash our development time and let us focus on the more complex logic and features.

it’s going to change the game for devs everywhere. Big thumbs up from me! :+1:

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I’ll definitely second this feature, since images cant just be used for design. I’d love to take snippets of equations of a paper (or a picture of a hand written equation) that I want to be reimplemented, or squetch a flow diagram that defines my function.

It has been implemented, compliments to the team for the ease-of-use and implementation speed.

Where is implemented? How can i use it?

Ensure you are on the latest version of Cursor and drag an image into the chat. Hope that helps :smiley:

holy cow! check it:

(disclosure, i haven’t checked the code, i got so excited i just pasted here)

re: "new AI project" with vision input

if you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for some milk: