The code suggested by Cursor doesn't infringe copyright, right?


How can I be sure that the code Cursor suggests is not infringing Copyright?
Is there a setting like “Suggestions matching public code” in GPT’s Copilot?

Cursor doesn’t have a feature like that.

Thank you, Jakob.

By the way, does Cursor have a policy against copyright infringement?

They are 8 programmers, I will let you guess.

If you want a product with all that corpo talk you should use github copilot.

Thanks for the advice, debian3
I understood.

But I think it’s necessary if they want to increase business usage.
So I would like them to improve it, even if it’s just a little at a time.

I think their challenge right now is somewhere else, like dealing with the parabolic growth in demand for their service. So far, they have been doing an amazing job at delivering updates and improvements while scaling (which is incredibly hard).

It will come; they are just not at that stage yet. One of the reasons they are so amazing compared with GitHub Copilot, which has thousands of times more resources, is that they don’t need to deal with any of that yet.

But they are using openai API, so you can bring your concern with them.