Update Docs and force to use them

I’m using Cursor++ pro and I’m trying the AI to help me with the new openai api.

I tried adding several docs and reference them in my prompts (openai cookbook, openai python api definition, etc.). Every time I ask it to update it seems that it doesn’t recognize the docs and it keeps suggesting the old api methods.

Any tip on how to make this work?


nobody? I think the link to the @docs is one of the killer features of Cursor, but if I can’t use it properly is not very helpful…

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I’m having a similar issue, the only manual fix I’ve found is to delete the old documentation and re-add it so it scrapes the updated docs. This is def an important feature!

But the old documentation is the one embedded in the model or the one that comes in Cursor’s rag system. Is there any way to delete that?

when i experience problems like this, i use web search instead (@web)

a little inconvenient but it works for me

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