Using codebase does not seem to notice my code base? Am I doing something wrong?

Hmmm, that looks odd. Could you try updating to 0.12.0 and let me know if the problem persists?

ok works now. is there any other tool like this that can search a code base or just this app ?

You would have to do your own research , I don’t think they would explicitly tell you of another competitor when they are solely focused on providing this as their feature

that makes sense… it just this is a huge deal for me… that is asking questions about my entire codebase and its great it seems to work so far… I just wonder what other tools are out there… I can only find this so far.

Yeah I understand but it’s a huge deal for everyone who uses cursor so be aware as well, we all found cursor and use it for this very purpose through our own research or word of mouth so if you can’t find any others, then there might not just be or it’s not as good. You can’t expect them to give you answers on other products.

But just because I’ve done my own research like you’re meant to, This is the only other alternative I found, hope this helps:

interesting. looking into it … i guess whoever has the better product would be happy to compare