Using cursor for code review

I’m curious how people are using cursor for code review (if at all). I have integrated it well into my development process but thus far haven’t really been able to use it for general code review. I do most of my code review directly in Github. Rarely I prompt for function explanations. Ultimately, I would like to be able to send the diffed code from a PR (or just any feature comparing to development branch) and evaluate that code on a broader level for areas of inconsistency / bugs.

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Would like to bump this as a potentially really helpful feature. Even just the ability to search only over the files edited in the PR would be huge. Even better if it new the diff log.

This is coming up! We have a beta feature in Cursor Nightly (see How to join Cursor Nightly). Soon in production.

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Will this support reviewing my PRs as well as others PRs. It would be really valuable for both :slight_smile:

Hello, today I updated cursor to version 0.31 and the “AI Review (beta)” feature disappeared, is it expected or was it a mistake?

@Update: The feature is back with the 0.31.1 update.