What is the usage limit for claude 3.5?

It doesn’t specify on any of the web pages.

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As far as I can tell, 1 claude 3.5 request = 1 gpt-4 request, but would be great if we could get some confirmation.

I also wonder since they seems to be the same if claude 3.5 requests also have unlimited slow requests

Wait claude 3.5 has unlimited slow requests? Dawg imma be coding all day then lmao

We don’t know that. It was just a guess since it seems like 1 claude 3.5 request = 1 gpt-4 request and subscribers have unlimited slow gpt-4 requests.

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Curious also as they can’t be running claude on the dedicated OpenAI compute instnace used for gpt-4. Either way the pricing reductions are so aggressive and so fast i’m not too worried

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