Where did all my docs go?

over the last week i must have added 20 custom docs, in each case i enabled the ‘share with team’ . now they are gone.

where are these saved locally?

where are these saved for enterprise customers when i enable ‘share with team’? presumably i’m on my own team, so hopefully i can recover them.

Thanks for the report here. Do you still see the problem if you try again? Made a change on our end.

i’m not seeing all of my custom docs in the list when i go to @ > Docs (has ~8 items)

and this list is much shorter than my list in Settings > Docs (~30 items)

i still feel like some are missing…it would be helpful to have clarification on where these are saved locally and for “share with team”. (or at least where i should be able to see/confirm the full list.)

@ > Docs will only show the top few docs until you start typing. Could that be why there are only 8 showing for you?

Re others being missing: do you remember the name of one of the docs that you added that doesn’t show up when you try to @ it?