Will extensions be able to access the cursor ai features via an API?

Would be great if my extension could talk to cursor’s ai feature. Current idea is to have my extension provide more context and dynamic docs/data to the cursor embeddings so the chat can give better answers


That’s an interesting idea. Of course, Cursor could implement your extension idea themselves but this could lead to some interesting extensions. I would imagine that they might be a little hesitant to add this sort of API in general because it could lead to extensions taking up a lot of resources on their GPT key. But with the right implementation, (and maybe an additional fee for using this API) I’d like to see what people could come up with.

Love this idea! If people have concrete suggestions for the API interface (i.e. what info would you want to ingest, what actions would you want to perform), that’d be great.

We want Cursor to be veryextensible.

A good start is to expose the existing APIs you use to allow users to add docs and set rules/prompts as APIs extension developers. I get there are safety and abuse concerns here but there’s opportunity for the community to come together and create really awesome niche use cases so the cursor team doesn’t have to!


Is this possible today? I am okay paying extra for this feature, basically, API access to cursor features so I can connect it to a subsystem within the organization.