XHR error in extension

I am getting “Error while fetching extensions. XHR failed”. I had this error previously and got it rectified. But I am getting this error again after the recent update. I have attached screenshots related to this. Thanks!

That’s an issue that also happens with regular VSCode. It’s been years the issue pops up on GitHub (e.g. error while fetching extensions XHR failed · Issue #202993 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub), and their usual recommendation is to check your VPN/firewall settings or reinstall/downgrade VSCode.

I had this issue 2-3 months back, and one of the devs were able to fix this. I am attaching the link to the discussion in the forum here. Issues with extensions. I don’t have this issue on VSCode, but it is there on the cursor. However, I was able to solve it by allowing cursor in firewall settings. Thanks for pointing it out.

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