05.04.24 - Cursor AI Chat is not working


Everything was fine today when I worked on a project today early this morning, but for some reason AI chat stopped responding to my request this afternoon.

But when I turn VPN ON it seems to start to work.

Keep in mind before that day I was able to use Cursor without any VPNs. That is the reason why I choose that solution and it feels bad if it starts to require VPN to work without issues.

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“Thanks for the report. We are having a DNS issue on our end. We are working very hard to fix it. Sorry to disappoint.”

Okay, guys. Friday is funday :slight_smile:

Lets wait for fix.

Can you confirm whether this is still happening for you?

Still actual. AI Chat is not responding to my requests.

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Feels like it start to work.

Thank you, guys!

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Also experienced similar behavior an hour or tell ago and seems to be working now!