Ability to add custom models w/o turning off Cursor Pro / OPEN

I’d love to be able to add custom models (e.g. via Groq, Open Router) without having to turn off OpenAI models that are part of my Cursor Pro plan.

Is it possible to add another way to include these custom endpoints other than through the “OpenAI API Key” settings base url and key settings.

Current UX/functionality, of course, deactivates pro plan models by assuming you’re using OpenAI’s API instead.



I’m a Pro user and I often use both the default cursor-fast/GPT4 models, and my API custom models (e.g. Claude 3) too.

Every time I want to switch between the two types, I’m required to lose time in enabling/disabling my OpenAI API Key in the Settings.

Why I can’t select both the types of models without going in Settings every time?!?

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+1 for this feature

Also requested something quite like this: