Ability to add custom snippets / shortcuts to commonly used

I use the same 3 prompts consistently for different use cases while editing in my code:

  • Generating typings for a function / variable
  • Look through the code and reformat it in a new style
  • Check for bugs (especially check for X, Y, Z)

I would like to tie these to different keyboard shortcuts, so I don’t have to type out my entire prompt everytime for each use case. I see there is history, which is decent enough for now, but custom snippets would be helpful for me!

Preset Prompts are on our to-do.

any timeline on presets for More > Rules for AI?

In this video at 4:44, there is a way to implement this.

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great, thank you so much! this is a nice workaround for now.

still would love to see cursor save the more > rules for ai in the vscode workspace

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