Use @Prompts in Chat for Custom Prompts

Hi Cursor Team,

Great job on building an amazing product so far!

Since GPT-4 is very steerable, I would love the ability to save and edit custom prompts in Cursor to be able to reuse common instructions and include it in the chat using @Prompts or something similar (just like @Docs for example).

I guess this is already possible by maybe creating text files of instructions and using @Files but a dedicated @Prompts tag + add/edit/delete functionality would be much better UX for creating reusable custom instructions that are accessible from any project in Cursor.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Exactly what I have been thinking!

Please develop this

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Just would like to comment on this, it would be really useful for things like this git usecase: AI git commit messages - #2 by fire

Would love that too. It’s on our to-do.


thank you for suggesting this. we will try to figure out a good idiomatic solution to this problem soon.


Great feature request!

I had the issue of trying out the “rules for ai” feature, which is basically a custom prompt, but it interfered many times, where it would output code (since that was the rule) when I just wanted text.

So basically one custom prompt limited me to use it for only one purpose, and changing or disabling the prompt was very tedious. At the end I therefore decided to not use it anymore.

An @Prompt feature with different pre-defined prompts for different purposes would be great!

Edit: Just found a comment for the same topic. How big is the impact of a custom prompt?
Most of the time gpt understands what I want, or I have to iterate once or twice.

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