Accounting bug in pro, #fastAccess

I reached 500 fast access limit Dec 21st 2023. I bought 500 extra.

Have just seen that this subscribes 2xPro - not good, wasn’t communicated. Used up 640 of my 1000 fast accesses. The remainder seems to decay Jan 18th? Also not good.

So I changed it back to 1xPro for my next month.

Now it shows “reached limit of 500 fast accesses” (for the remainder of my current month). Also not good.

I think a good solution would be to be able to buy a number of extras - but this should not change the subscription, and remainders should float into next month. Or make a more fine grained subscription.

Please fix all 3 issues!

Hi there!

Sorry about the mixup - I believe you should receive prorations for these changes (both upgrading and downgrading) but please let me know if it doesn’t match on your next invoice! Happy to help!

Also, I hear you on the poor communication - will try to update how we convey the fast request updates. Right now, each additional bundle of 500 fast requests recurs monthly (until you update it again).


Seems to have worked, thx!

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