Add an option to revert to the previous cursor icon

Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed that the cursor icon has been changed, and while the new icon is indeed beautiful, I personally preferred the previous one. Could we possibly add an option to revert back to the old icon? I believe having the choice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for considering my request.


:+1: + 1 for this


Agreed! I much preferred the old one.


this is really appreciated :):slight_smile: we really liked the icon too but eventually we had to move to a more consistent brand. the request is noted and we might try to make this in the future. (this is not the highest priority since we are a very small team.)


Thank you for your response! :blush:
We understand the need for consistent branding.
We look forward to future updates and will continue to support your team.
Thank you for your efforts and understanding.

just change it yourself using


Agreed. I changed it to VSCode because my brain couldn’t stop looking for the icon I’ve been clicking on for years! :sweat_smile:

I don’t think it matters. People think the previous icon is better because they are used to it. If you swap the current icon with the old icon, people might think the current one looks better.

I feel like most people would agree that the old one is (close to) objectively better. At the moment when it’s on the taskbar, you can’t tell what it is at all. It looks like some kind of box with shading. If you look at the icon in a larger view (such as the icon in the top left of this forum) then it looks fine, but considering it spends most of it’s life sitting as a small icon in the taskbar that should be considered for when making the logo.

The old one, however, is very identifiable from anywhere at any size.