AI coding guide

I feel like there is a big gap between people who have tried old copilot a bit and moved on and those who have changed their workflow to take advantage of the full suite of features in tools like Cursor.

Has anyone seen any good guides (blogs, youtube videos, courses etc.) on how to get people familiar with AI coding? Or if not, if you have any tips on getting started (incl. for experienced coders), I’d appreciate it


I recommend the following:

  1. Download Cursor
  2. Import settings from VSCode into Cursor (Cursor is a fork of VSCode, with AI built in)
  3. Imagine you have a senior software engineer called Alex sat next to you
  4. Load Cursor’s AI sidebar on the righthand side within Cursor
  5. Treat the sidebar as a whatsapp conversation about your code, with Alex. Use @ to explicitly refer to parts of your code that you want Alex to know about when you ask a question
  6. Play with features within Cursor to get to know them better, then search here for more info about them (e.g. there are AI features in-line within the code as well, not just sidebar)

If you want to bring it to life before doing the above, then just watch some of the Cursor demo vids on youtube.

Good luck :+1: