Learning to code with AI

I’ve been using Copilot and now Cursor for a while as a beginner programmer. It is great for prototyping, but I find that many of my coding skills are not developing or atrophy.

I recently got my first big interview and totally blew the coding test. I couldn’t use any AI tools, not even autocomplete. It felt painful because I didn’t realize how much I was relying on them. I was getting stuck making dumb mistakes. In the end, I wasn’t able to pass it.

However thanks to the cursor and ChatGPT I was able to land the interview in the first place because the CEO noticed my project on the internet. It is great for prototyping and speed, but not great for learning.

!!! Request !!!
I believe for many new coders there is a great need to add a learning mode.
The goal is to make AI help you learn.
Question to creators of Cursor: How did you learn your coding skills?
The answer to this question should solve the problem of a beginner programmer gaining skills to program on his own if needed.

Please leave your suggestions below.

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