AI Pane not sending any response 1/3 of the time

Hello. I’m paying $40 a month for cursor but have been running into issues the past week with the AI pane. About every 1/3 request responds with nothing and I have to reprompt the pane to send information again. This is also eating away at the total amount of fast gpt 4 responses i get per month, meaning im getting charged for empty responses…


Yea, that’s very annoying. When you encounter that again, please send a bug report from the top right. We want to fix that asap.

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hey jakob! it’s still happening unfortunately and very often. where in the “top right” are you referring to in order to file a bug report? i thought this was a bug report section

Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 2.50.54 PM

Hey! The button to the left of settings.