AI Projects Feature / AI Projects Chat Feature

Just wondering about this, as this is honestly my favorite feature (ok favorite tied with docs crawling) since I started using Cursor.

For anyone unaware, you can start an AI project by going to your systems “File” menu and clicking “New AI Project.” This will open a new modal, ask you what you want to create, ask you to give the project a name and pick a destination folder, and then you can launch a new AI project, which is basically a full app programming attempt by the AI. It’s super fun. :slight_smile:


Anyway my question is regarding this newer feature which I stumbled upon. If you go to the AI chat pane and click on the expanding-window icon, “Open Chat in Editor Tab”, you can access a feature, “New AI Project Chat” which to me is reminiscent of something sort of like Phind (AI search engine) combined with GPT Engineer & best of all you can reference your files, docs, etc. It’s pretty exciting, but…I cannot seem to get it to work ever lol. I laugh because every time I try, I get all the way through describing whatever it is I want to build, excited to see, and then it just does not work. It stops right after beginning the stage where it should be creating files for the project. For what its worth, the regular AI Project feature is working fine for me.

I would love to see some documentation produced on this, but I’m sure it’s not a primary feature at the moment, which is fine. Just wondering about this, and it also seems like it’s not mentioned really anywhere else so maybe others will try it now and be able to appreciate it.

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Including this here since it’s relevant, I have noticed that sometimes this feature will fail midway through (specifically the plain “New AI Project” feature) and just bothered to check the devtools view, which revealed that it’s apparently falling when stalled by the rate limits of slow mode.

Global rate limits hit when pro user on slow pool: ...

This definitely looks like it will be fun, but unless I’m missing something it doesn’t seem to be working yet, attachments/codebase don’t get included. I was trying to use it as a workaround for New AI Project not being functional for my spec (I get a speech about the nature of cognitive computing and no project structure), but when trying to include a specification into the conversation, it’s clearly not getting it:

Thought: Based on the provided description, it’s unclear what the project is about. The user only mentioned “@spec.txt” which seems to be a reference to a file or a document, but no further details about the project are given.

Hope this gets fixed up soon.

Just curious - was this attempt you quoted one where you are using the Cursor OpenAI interface or your own key? I have received this message too on occasion, but only when attempting with Azure or my own OpenAI key. Seems to be capable of reading the files otherwise, but failing still with anything else. Anyway, I agree, apparently this is a non-working feature right now. Super hopeful for this to be fully implemented sooner than later too.

I’m almost certain this was not with my own key. I have one, but I’ve only used it in Cursor for maybe 4 or 5 queries total - I’m a little terrified to until I can get a better understanding of how much different operations cost!

Totally agree though. I love the “write a few lines for you” functionality. But the thing that excites me most about Cursor vs. a lot of alternative AI dev assistants is the prospect of it being good at the big picture.

Just a thought: reading back over your comments about files not being generated - how big’s your prompt? I have another thread going on here where I’ve been testing large prompts for New AI Project. (AI Project "Cognitive Computing" bork - #3 by three) I’m whittling a large description down and I’ve reduced it from 2.6k to 1.7k tokens so far, but it’s still failing out. Is it possible that you’re running into something similar, the feature failing because the size of the input is too large? Does it only stall like that when it’s a big description?

Thank you for your effort. I will note down the absence of rate limit handling as a bug.

The “AI Project Chat” feature is highly experimental and should not be used yet.