New AI Project Stuck

Creating a new ai project always stalls on Step one. I’ve tried inentiating it from the chat bar and the File > New Ai Project menu and both are stalling with no errors to be found.

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Yep. This is a bug. We will work on fixing some things for the AI Project feature. And the “AI Project Chat” thing should not be used yet.

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(Disclaimer: I don’t work for Cursor)

Are you using a large prompt size? I was experiencing similar symptoms with New AI Project stalling or giving weird results, which I talk about here: AI Project "Cognitive Computing" bork

Maybe try dropping your project prompt into the OpenAI Tokenizer to measure the size. I found that things got a lot more reliable if you keep it under about 1.5k tokens. Cursor devs are aware so no doubt they’re looking at improving the handling with larger prompts.

I got it to work in that… it also never finished… but then I manually told it to finish the files… and then it put in enough code to finally get it working (a c# console connect 4 game)

should we take a break from this feature for now? i’m also stuck on step 0.

so i’m managing to make it further with the “new AI project”, but if anything happens that stalls the process, there is no way to tell it to keep going. for example, i clicked somewhere in VS Code, it lost focus and just stopped completely.

is this feature still something i should not bother with? it’s ok if still very experimental, i would just like to know whether or not it is worth my attention to play around with it again.

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