Expanding the "New AI Project" feature further

I just discovered the “New AI Project” function today and was blown away by it, but was left scratching my head when I realised you couldn’t just use the same feature on a existing codebase or have it take a existing codebase into consideration when telling it your intentions for your project. I know this is something that you can already do via holding command and enter when using chat, but the “New AI Project” feature seemed to take your project ideas into consideration a bit better when trying to initially structure a codebase for a new project and I REALLY liked the facts it not only wrote to files by itself but created the files and directories by itself to.

This is a feature I would really like to see extended into being able to use it with existing projects/codebases to further expand/adjust the entire structure of a project without having to create files yourself.

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I am also very much looking forward to it, I am a FE programmer, once I wanted to build my own backend Saas with Golang and Mongodb and use Docker, however, it created an initial project that seemed unrunnable, I gave up on it. I wonder if anyone has tried it like my case.

i think theres some technical reason why it must be built from scratch…

Its fun but not useful for my cases (asp.net core/blazor)… Theres too much boiler plate it messes up… so only useful for a console app