Anyone else getting an endless loop with gpt-4o?

The chat loses the narrative so quickly. cannot fix the most routine bugs, cannot remember what it last wrote, and provides the same exact buggy code again and again.



Could you send us an email at

I can look into this. Just need your email address that you use with Cursor

I sometimes get the same and I feel like one of the issues is it keeps referring to the old code instead of the newly updated file. For example, I asked it something, it gave some code which I later improved or modified in the file. If I continue the chat, it seems like it doesn’t see or acknowledge my modifications in the file but keeps providing the code based on its previous suggestion, even though it says when you click “enter” that the current file is used for context.

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This is useful, thanks.

Yes, especially when interacting with therminal and it looks for a way to solve the problem

Yes even I run into the same issue

I get the same issue, specially when using the ‘fix with AI’ feature. For me, it seems like it tries to modify the file by itself for whatever reason, then it fails and, keeps trying over and over.