Anyone else trying different things but Cursor still is the best?

I want another tool that is a vscode plugin but I try them and copilot, cosine, cody… .they all don’t give as good in-context answers

How come there is not a button to just make the changes so I don’t need to paste the changes all in my self ?

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we try really hard to be the best :slight_smile:


I don’t know if everyone is doing the same techniques to get the context or how that works but its working… I am doing simple little apps and then going into feature mode where I try to get cursor and some others to teach me how to add a feature and amazed… So ill keep going further and seeing what I can do

the doc crawling feature is super powerful too

would that be for example… chatgpt 4 doesnt not know about a GODOT 4.2 syntax so I can feed it a URL of a PDF of the syntax for that new framework ?

That is an issue I have now using .net 8.0 and I was wondering if there is someway to give up the updated versino of things… I have not tried it yet

I also tried Cody, Tabnine AI and Copilot Chat: Non of them are currently involving multiple code files for AI Chat. So Cursor is the best, also with its answers. (Copilot Chat is in my opinion the worst…)

I’m using Codeium extension together with cursor and that combination is quite nice. Have tried Cody, but as other people said, cursor seems to do a better job regarding context (and ease of use)

copilot with @workspace is ok… though the answers are not as good as cursor… so I guess ill keep it for the auto complete

how is codium helping you? autocomplete or something else ?

@punkouter23 It is “Codeium” (mind the e in there). An AI assistant like Copilot, which is free. I’ve been using it for the last 6 months or so mainly for PHP/JS and am quite satisfied so far. It integrates well wit cursor.
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with them in any way and do not mean to advertise their services here.

I have used a lot of products like github copilot chat, codium, CodeGeek, comate. but so far I still think cursor is the best. I’ve met some problems, and it’s the only one that has helped me solve them. And cursor supports more flexible context specification, which is not available in other products. Although, it is a little bit expensive.

I agree, Cursor just has the best context for some reason. GPT and copilot code often produces code that is slightly off from what I want

I have used Copilot since early beta and have experimented with some of the more recent tools like cody, codewhisper etc. Moving on to using cursor and was blown away. I was then moved over briefly when the new copilot with chat was released supposedly with GPT-4 integration.
While Copilot is certainly considerably better that the previous version overall I’m fairly confident that Microsoft is cost cutting somewhere switching between different models as results seem to vary.
In addition to that Cursor has the best contextual understanding. While Copilot has recently added @workspace as others have mentioned it just does not provide the same results as Cursor.
This has brought be back using Cursor as my IDE of choice for now.

I couldn’t have put this better

all sounds right… There are a bunch of others cosine cody phind… etc… but Im tired of trying them all until they can give me a reason why it is really different