Comparison to Copilot + Copilot Chat

Surprisingly I was unable to find a forum thread that gives a rough comparison between Cursor and the functionality provided by Copilot + Copilot Chat.

Many of the features seem similar. Apologies if this is a silly question, but I feel like it might come up as a FAQ.

For me the main advantages of Cursor are GPT-4 and a much better codebase context.

Copilot doesn’t use GPT-4, so the answers will generally be worse.

Copilot also only sees the code that’s currently visible inside your window. In Cursor, you can quickly throw a bunch of full files into your chat or automatically retrieve the most relevant code snippets from your entire codebase. This gives you many more chat possibilities and makes the answers even better on top of having the GPT-4 advantage.

However, I still like to use the normal Copilot autocomplete inside Cursor. These very quick and short auto completions that run at all times are something that Cursor currently doesn’t have.


Got it – thank you!

(You may consider adding a FAQ page with this and other common questions to the site)

We’re working on creating a fully detailed guide, and we will definitely include this question in it.

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copilot chat also has this annoying bug where many queries are ‘filtered’ and error out - Oops, your response got filtered · community · Discussion #56134 · GitHub - it’s been like this since May this year and renders the chat function more or less useless, unreal they haven’t looked at it. I don’t know how a trillion dollar company lets one of their flagship products sit in such a state for so long


what about cosine? cody? thats the more interesting comparison

Personally, I haven’t tried those out yet, so I can’t speak to their effectiveness. You’re welcome to try out those tools and use the one you prefer. As far as I know, all the tools have a free tier.

For me (as one of the Cursor devs), I really like our Cmd-K, @ symbols, GPT-4, and debugging features.

We also list some features here if it’s helpful

Cody and Mutable are the two closest competitors in my book. What stood out to me about Cursor is that “it just worked” - right out of the box. Major props to the team here. (OT to this forum, but here were some of the hiccups I ran into with Cody in case you are curious: help Cody know when the repo is connected and embedded · sourcegraph/cody · Discussion #1233 · GitHub )

i never heard of mutable… ill try that

Code integration is huge for me though so I trying to get cosine to work

otherwise I end up having to open separate editor to just ask question and then jump back to vscode

once i got the hang of adding custom references in Cursor, then i fully switched. ( @ and then add the docs link to something if not already ingested.)

the other thing i’ve been playing with is running CoPilot and Cursor together. CoPilot can do relatively quick code completion, while Cursor w/ GPT-4 can handle the questions that need the full repo context (or my specific @ context).

i’m currently all-in on Cursor, but it is a rapidly evolving landscape so i hope these young chaps are ready to run :wink:


Actually GitHub copilot chat can use the whole workspace as context and use gpt4 if needed (You can see that in the “output” window of vscode)
Also answers quality are good (with almost no hallucinations)
Inline chat on the other hands is really bad

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