Advances in Copilot


First of all I love cursor!

But, I just watched the keynotes presentation from github about all the new features coming in copilot next month.

How do you see cursor positioning itself along side copilot in the futures as its seems you both are working on the same features.

Using your API key is a thing, and Cursor devs are working on implementing new preview gpt-4. With copilot you can only get what GitHub gives you.(As long as I know it is classic gpt-4)

And cursor has many other features that the copilot doesn’t have.

github copilot outputs right now.
*** You use the GPT-4 version of OpenAI’s GPT models.
***This message is based on the GPT-4 version of OpenAI’s GPT models, with a knowledge cutoff in September 2021.
***2023-11-09 17:41:16.160 [info] [chat fetch] chat model gpt-4

im getting rid of copilot because there are more free alternatives and I already have chatGPT 4 I am paying for

I believe Github Copilot is actually powered by a modified version of GPT-3.

(If anyone has more up-to-date information than that Wikipedia article, feel free to correct me.)