Github Co-Pilot Features from Cursor

Github Co-Pilot just implemented what made unique

What is cursor’s upcoming roadmap?

I think they first need to fix the stupidity of the model

the ironic thing here is even with the model being less verbose, your post wasn’t really helpful, you barely made any threads or feedback that could explain what the problem was and just ranted without making it clear visually

I have tried the new Co-pilot and it still isn’t the best, so far I see it has a max number of references that can be used and it still fails to accurately do that, I suggest testing out copilot if you can to better know if it’s better for you.

Cursor right now is facing issues more than normal but that could be a result of OpenAI as well such as the tweet:

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It doesn’t work as perfectly as it looks in the video, and for me, the updated github copilot still performs worse than the cursor.

Yeah , it’s a good starting point , I’m subscribed to both. It’s not so much about choosing one to go for but good heads up for the cursor team.