Can we talk about similiar tools and compare?

As this is all new technology and new tools coming out… So far Cursor AI is the most effective for me… though I hate that it cannot be in VSCode and I can’t debug etc…

Cosine is in VSCODE but the answers are not great…

I still use copilot and thats just for completing some code I am typing and less about asking questions.

And CHATGPT4 is still there for general questions… though I think I shoudl be able to load Cursor AI and use it for same things at this point ?

Some related discussions can be found here: Comparison to Copilot + Copilot Chat

Personally, I do all the general non-coding AI stuff in Cursor too at this point. But ChatGPT+ also offers plugins, vision capabilities, browsing, and image generation if you use them.

a better comparison is the tools that can undertand context… Theres been none that I can fine so I been bouncing all around… easy way is ask them all the same questions