AppImage problems

I’m on Ubuntu 23 (Mantic).
I realize that is not an LTS.
I don’t think it matters.
What (might) matter is:
It appears that many projects have not updated their code to depend on libappimage1 instead of libappimage0 which no longer exists in ubuntu.

Anyway, when I open the AppImage, it fails to install the “cursor” shortcut, and if I click “Login” or “Sign-Up” it just opens my default browser but does not navigate to any webpage.

Chromium-based browsers now ask you to select a profile upon opening. Perhaps Cursor does not expect that. In any case, I select my profile and then manually navigate to and login - saving my credentials to the browser, thinking that perhaps cursor is trying to get them from a cookie which would be associated with my profile. No dice, no matter what I do, even if I leave the browser window open and logged into, it just opens a new browser window when I try to login or signup through the app.

Also, because the first-run modal thing is showing, I had to close the app with Alt+F4

Not an official reply - I don’t work for Cursor, I’m just an end user - but you might find it could help to add some more details about your installation process and/or whether there’s anything unusual about your browser setup.

I just tried reproducing what you described for myself but can’t seem to. I’ve got a clean install of Ubuntu 23.10. I’ve installed Chromium from the App Center, and made that the default browser. I’ve downloaded the Cursor AppImage and made it executable. Cursor runs fine direct from the AppImage and on login it launches Chromium, does the auth, all works as expected.

Also, for me, Chromium doesn’t typically prompt for which profile to use unless I’m manually starting it empty and have that set as the startup behaviour (I’ve tried creating multiple profiles to reproduce the issue but it always opens the page as expected). Entering credentials gets me back from auth0 to the Cursor app with everything logged in just fine.

I’ve also tried installing app2deb and apt installing from the .deb. That works fine too, I can launch from the Show Apps view, log in as expected. I’ve tried logging in and out of Cursor, always just seems to work.

Don’t get me wrong, not doubting your symptoms in any way at all, but I’m wondering what’s different about the route you’ve taken - it might be the key to troubleshooting.

Is it possible there’s something odd going on with your browser? Is it Chromium itself or some other variant? I’ve also tried the same steps with Brave (since you said Chromium-based) and that seems to be working fine too. Did you install your browser from App Center or some other way? This kind of info might just help the support folks to diagnose the issue.

not seeing any way to remove this message but everything works fine on 22.04