"Apply changes" buggy - 1 code block only + consider actual src + etc

/edit Apply changes is awesome! (I made a feature request for it)

It used to be almost perfect! At the moment it seems to try to achieve too much. Garbles my code very frequently - going back to copy paste is no fun.

Suggested improvements:

  • Apply only current code box I clicked. Often only this one makes sense, and much less chance to f*ck up parts of the edit.

  • Consider the actual code in my edit tab. Often it reverts back to older versions from the chat, or does not “see” my manual changes. Frustrating.

  • Generally it clings too much to ancient parts of a conversation. Starting a new chat is a clunky workaround, where I also lose part of the useful context.

  • After “apply change”: pressing Cmd-L often jumps to the wrong dialog (not the last). Makes me lose part of conversations, and is messy.

Thanks for your great product!


Very true! “Apply” is kinda taking a shortcut right now by just creating a new message with the edit slash command and a generic message. This could be done way better.

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Also seeing these things. In particular, when I try to apply a relatively minor change, often the entire file will be changed, sometimes nonsensically. I end up copy-pasting a lot.

Agree that both the UI and the AI here are messy. We should have some “apply to file” changes coming out very soon :slight_smile:

A related question: Are there any plans to increase the limit for file length to more than 400 lines for /edit? Love this feature, would be awesome to be able to use it in more files! :blush:

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Agree, failed on this 1st time an hour ago - long generated code, thus I rather don’t split it up.

Yes! I think this is one of the main blocks to “apply” being useful.


The “Apply” changes are live in the Nightly build.

But I think it’s still not just focusing on the changes of the current code box you clicked. For example here I only clicked on the “Apply to codebase” button from the first AI message, but it also did the changes from the second AI message.


@Jakob Good point, just went and fixed this. Will be rolled out to all users progressively over the next ~half day.


Downloading nightly rn to test. As my project is getting bigger the “apply” is becoming crucial to function correctly, because in order for me to make a change I have to make small changes in 3-4 interconnected files and the default apply is getting buggy.

Also if the limit increases from 400 to let’s say 800+ lines it would also be a lifesaver, currently I am continually deleting snippets of code in order to press “Apply” and for it to function.

Besides my suggestions, I might as well add that because of you guys after 4 months, I have almost completed making a full react native app that utilizes dozens of eBay API’s, while also hosting multiple data to my own google cloud SQL and Render for APIs

I do not have any knowledge of JavaScript,SQL or Python and the app is 100% generated by Cursor, no manual code inserted. It’s really remarkable what you have accomplished, congrats!


Seems to work much better now (only 1h of testing). Thanks for your efforts!!