Apply code not working for me

Today when I try and apply code to my files from chat I get the message
When I hit continue my files are not update but the chat seems to think they are. Any tips on what I can do?


Could you give some more information about the edit you were trying to make?

It would be helpful if you could include screenshots of both the current file and the suggested edit.

Hello! Were either of these two things happening:

  1. you were using an API key
  2. you were using a new model (gpt-4-0125)

Re #1: You won’t be able to apply with an API key (we will improve our UI to make this more clear).

Re #2: Just made a change on our end that should fix this.

Let me know if it was something else!

I didnt want to post a screenshot of this particular file as it has some sensitive info. When I try an any other file it has no issue. This file got extremely long and I didnt get around to refactoring some of it out into other files yet. When I shorted it it started to work again. Is there a max file size for applying fixes?

Ah, there is a max file length limitation. We’ll make that more clear in the UI!

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