Are 500-600 pages of docs ok to feed into it? =)

I did this, and wonder if it’s too much or it will actually use the docs in a correct way somehow? I fed all the Verse UEFN code api and docs page to it :sweat_smile: is it a good approach? in order for the AI to suggest things also beyond the code about where to click in the editor etc’.

It seems to work, but I wonder, do I need to always reference “@verse101” before every prompt? or it simply always has access to that knowledge and will just work?

Forgot to show the screenshot, it looks like this, does it mean from now on it knows all these pages and will use the info from any of them, in any queries I do both in chat and in the code editor? it seems the chat does know about it, but the code editor (ctl+k) does not :thinking:

really cool product btw, so much better than Copilot already, I can’t imagine how it will evolve and grow in the future, you guys rock :rocket:

there is definitely a sweet spot in terms of how much you can stuff into one @ and still expect cursor’s RAG system to find what you want. big projects with lots of documentation (for example Stripe or Supabase) tend to need more hand-holding than smaller projects. in other words, you might need to @ a specific page of the docs, or a subfolder of docs, do get Cursor to find the right thing. in general - less is almost always more - if you know which page/file to tell Cursor to look at, you’re almost always going to be better off pointing to that page of the docs rather that the entire documentation.

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I see, thanks. What’s the best way to reindex these docs, using one url at a time? And giving it a more specific name? Or I should use what already exists and try to reference pages by name whenever I run a query?

it seems that with any page I supply to it, it’ll crawl all docs anyway because it’ll find the links. the only option is to limit prefix to exact same page, but then it won’t see the ‘neighbors’ pages which are ‘neighbors’ in URL path, but are actually within same chapter.

if it’s online - adding docs is recursive to the base url, so you can decide if you want the entire documentation site or just one directory. for example: (all of supabase) or (just the js docs)

if in your codebase, maybe try to split into logical subfolders so that you are not just praying that the retriever will find the right stuff when you do @codebase, then you @thisfolder or @thatfolder

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Only once per chat.

It will only use the most relevant chunks so it should be fine.

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