As always my topic is about cursor and python

Can a dev or someone in the know explain how to setup cursor to be an up to date python ide?

It was my understanding that a forked pyright by anysphere would have cover the new features in the latest pylance features.

Is it so?

If so why I had it in my extensions and it then disappeared and I now I can only download the Ms version?
Can we have more consideration?
We are talking about the most used language in the world after all (TIOBE Index - TIOBE) not some obscure and exotic language

Thank u for reading this rant

(Disclaimer: I don’t work for Cursor)

Possibly related: if you are interested in the strategy for VS Code version releases, check out the thread on here VSCode Version 1.83 / Cursor - #29 by truell20

Quoting from the last reply in that thread, from @truell20:

In the future, our current plan is to merge in VSCode releases as soon as they launch instead of pinning to an old version like we did before. Though, this is subject to change if ends up causing problems for people.