Bigger scrollbar in AI sidebar

Would it be possible to have a bigger scrollbar in the AI sidebar? (optional or not) Depending on my window setup I find myself struggling to click the scrollbar because it is too thin. So when my AI chats get long and I am switching between multiple chats it takes forever to scroll to the bottom using the scroll wheel each time.

Just a regular sized scrollbar like the one in the code window, or anywhere else really.

A “go to bottom” button at the top might be good too if it doesn’t take up too much space.


I second this because the scroll bar is actually only 1 pixel for me and my scroll wheel isnt great. PLEASE

Yea, that’s very annoying.

Ditto especially on the go to bottom button. It’s annoying as hell to have to scroll every time a larger code block is generated in the chat.

Another thing is that there should be a copy button at the bottom of code blocks as well. Right now it boils down to a lot of

  1. Code is generated
  2. Scroll through the generated code to the bottom to check it
  3. Scroll all the way back up and click copy

Bumping this since it’s still an issue and very annoying to deal with. I have a feeling there’s a lot of silent sufferers here.

Hi @IdarDev,

Sorry for the late response. I’ve recently pushed a change so that you can configure whether or not to have a narrow scrollbar in Cursor Settings. Should be included in the latest update (0.35.0) Let me know if it doesn’t work!

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Amazing, it works perfectly! My quality of life is much improved, thank you!