Multiple UX improvements (Windows)

There are a couple of inconsistencies I noticed in Cursor (on Windows 11).
With current version as of today.

  • AI chat: selecting a different model in the bottom of the prompt window should set the focus back into the prompt edit box. The focus is stuck somewhere else and one has to click the edit box again.

  • AI chat: CTRL+C in the AI chat window is not working consistently, whereas CTRL+X does. Often it does not copy the selected text. This makes it extremely hard to re-write prompts.

  • VSCode’s “Editor > Scrollbar: Horizontal Scrollbar Size” is not obeyed.
    The scrollbar in the AI chat is too flimsily narrow and the “only show on hover” behavior drives me nuts.

  • Using the “More” button to get to the chat history is cumbersome with it opening another sidebar and the need to close it again.
    It would be great to have it either as a separate (permanent) tab/view or a dropdown box from within the AI chat window itself.

  • Having the AI chat as regular tab, detaching it and then placing it onto a secondary screen, could use some improvements:

  • some overlays/hints still appear on the adjacent screen border where Cursor is located instead of over the detached AI chat window.
  • if the secondary screen has a different resolution, there is no way to separately scale its content up/down.
  • Cursor model settings: it’d be great if we could easily maintain multiple providers and not just have one key and one URL edit box.
    I.e. one provider could be OpenAi, another Openrouter and both have their own key and URL AND different set of model names.

  • Make the Cursor config dialog resizable, at least in height.

I understand if some or all of the above are VSCode issues, but still wanted to provide the feedback here.

Hi @tobitege,

Thanks for these feedback. These are valuable insights, and I will take note to improve the product. Stay tuned!

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Can you separate the chat window and use it on a different screen? Somehow not working for me on Mac.

Technically I can just drag it’s tab off Cursor onto my secondary screen on Windows, BUT then the content isn’t scrollable anymore, thus useless, sadly.

Ah yeah, on Mac it is the same. thats why I asked. Thought might have been a bug. Do you use chat window all on one screen? Isn’t that too small for you?

I run it all in one window on a 4K screen, it’s managable :slight_smile:

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