BUG: OpenRouter's "DeepSeek*" models cause error

OpenRouter today added “deepseek/deepseek-chat” and “deepseek/deepseek-coder” to their models list.
Trying to use either of them causes an error popup:
“The model deepseek/deepseek-coder does not work with your current plan or api key”
Other models like gpt4-o, gemini etc. I use on OpenRouter, work fine.
Do these 2 new models require special support on Cursor’s end?

Hey @tobitege,

I encountered the same issue as you. For me, it was an issue on OpenRouter’s end, and not Cursor.

It turns out Deepseek models on OpenRouter is only provided by the Deepseek platform which keeps logs. If you have logging turned off in your OpenRouter account settings, Deepseek models will not work.

Hope that helps.

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