Can Cursor insert chat suggestions into code files?

hi. i’ve been playing with cursor and talking about and looking for improvements and suggestions to my code files.

i have to paste the code myself inline and I’m wondering, can the suggestions in chat be inserted directly into the relevant code file or notebook?

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This is an oft requested feature! A bit tricky to get these models to quickly pick insertion points, which is why it hasn’t been released yet.

We’re working on training some models to be good at this, and hope to have an update here in the future.


alright, that’s great.

thank you.

Also, if you haven’t seen it, try selecting some code and typing Command/Ctrl + K. This will let you edit the code with the AI inline. If you do it without selecting anything, you’ll generate code from scratch with the AI.

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definitely something I’ve been wanting over and over again while using Cursor!

oh this is so rad!

just tried it.

thank you.