Co-Pilot auto suggestions

I’m new to Cursor and I’m considering buying the Pro version at the moment and switching from Co-Pilot.

One thing that I’d miss if I did change would be the auto-suggestions that Co-Pilot offers. In the Pro version would it be possible to have a feature that uses the slow gpt-4 queries for auto-suggestions on small blocks of code or the next line?

This combined with the additional features of Cursor would be perfect! There could be an option to enable / disable auto-suggestions.

This is their reply to me
there is a feature “Command + Enter” that will write the rest of the code you’re writing but it’s not like copilot that suggest you inline.

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Yep! As mentioned by @daaniyaan, you can hit cmd+enter to have GPT-4 autocomplete your suggestions.

We also recommend installing an autocomplete plugin (e.g. Github Copilot, Codeium) in the editor.

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