AI Completion setting

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There is a setting in regard to “AI completion” in the cursor settings and i’m not sure what is it for.
it’s not related to github copilot because in vscode this setting doesn’t exist.
i’ve attached two image one for the setting and another for list of my extensions.
thank you!

Hi! We experimented with building our own Copilot-like completions a while ago, but have since stopped working on that because Cursor already works so well with both Copilot and other autocomplete extensions like Codeium.

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So when I write something and do “Command + Enter” and it write rest of the code for me, is it the same thing? Or that’s something else? And if it’s the same thing why it’s still there! Thank you.
@arvid220u @truell20

This is different from Command+Enter. These settings are now obsolete, so we’ll take them out.

Is there any docs on how exactly command + enter works and what is it?

Not really yet. Basically, it’s just an ergonomic way to have GPT-4 autocomplete your code.

Does really Copilot use GPT-4 for generating code now? I knew it was codex model.

No. Copilot uses a model that is probably orders of magnitude smaller than GPT-4. Cmd+Enter is a Cursor feature and is separate from Copilot.