Cannot install extensions

Extension| Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor has not worked for me for a week at least. When I drag the .vsix file to the Extension pane, nothing happens. Example extension:

Installing extensions the way you’d do this in VS Code never worked, in the sense that I’ve never been able to find the extensions I want in the Extension pane. The .vsix way did work at some point this year.

Version: 0.32.2
Commit: f8ed437267c50dbc975beb3d51f89c800277bb30
Pro account.

ssh from MacBook Pro M1:

OS: Darwin 21.4.0
Architecture: arm64

ssh to Linux machine:

OS: Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS
Kernel: 5.4.0-176-generic
Architecture: x86_64

The .vsix method worked when I tried today. I don’t know what changed. I did click on “Update Cursor” beforehand, and now it no longer nags me for an update, but the version and the hash seem to be the same as in my original post.