Can't use @Codebase tag

2023-10-09 11:51:27.362 [error] No commit search provider registered: Error: No commit search provider registered
    at A.searchAllCommits (vscode-file://vscode-app/Applications/
    at vscode-file://vscode-app/Applications/
2023-10-09 11:51:30.935 [error] No tokenization provider registered: Error: No tokenization provider registered
    at e.KeywordSearchService.fullTokenize (vscode-file://vscode-app/Applications/
    at e.KeywordSearchService.userQueryToKeywordQuery (vscode-file://vscode-app/Applications/
    at e.KeywordSearchService.F (vscode-file://vscode-app/Applications/
    at (vscode-file://vscode-app/Applications/
    at async e.AIService.streamChatContext (vscode-file://vscode-app/Applications/
    at async e.AIChatService.submitUnifiedChat (vscode-file://vscode-app/Applications/


Version: 0.12.1
VSCode Version: 1.80.1
Commit: e828afa25b30c59e602dba98c5060e2f1d552120
Date: 2023-10-05T23:45:31.402Z
Electron: 22.3.10
Chromium: 108.0.5359.215
Node.js: 16.17.1
OS: Darwin arm64 22.4.0

Thanks for reporting! Definitely want to fix this. Could you do cmd-shift-P “open logs folder” and zip up the folder and send it to Would be super helpful

Sorry but i can’t there are informations about some clients which signed some NDA’s.