Chat keeps saying it doesn't have access to files

I get this all the time when I’m asking about my files, even when I search with the codebase. “I apologize for any confusion, but as an AI, I don’t have direct access to your file system or codebase. I can only provide assistance based on the information, code snippets, and conversation history you’ve provided.”

I think that’s more of a pre-prompt issue. It gets the most relevant snippets from your codebase but no one tells it that it can actually “access the file system or codebase”.

what is the pre-prompt exactly?
Also, I’m not sure if this always works but I think I figured it out? I turned on “reasoning step” when doing run with codebase, made it gpt-3.5-cot, and upped the results to 400

You can ask the AI for the pre-prompt if you’d like.
And yea, the “Reasoning Step” is a more in-depth codebase search so it’s less likely to occur there.

Looks like the “reasoning step” function has been removed? its happening again now more often

Should still be there.