Chat thread stuck, new messages aren't sent. Shows “No context” label

I’m honestly not sure whether this is a bug or am I missing something, but here’s what happened:

I was chatting with GPT-4 in the same thread, linking files, code examples, etc. At some point the chat UI randomly stopped showing my messages as sent. I hit Enter and the text in the textarea just stays there with no feedback from the app.

New chats work fine, but this particular is stuck. Right below the textarea it shows “No context”. Did I somehow detached the context? But I tried linking files again, including code, and sending the message—no change whatsoever. Here’s a video how it looks like: CleanShot 2023-09-30 at 15.48.53 · CleanShot Cloud.

Hitting “Enter” does not deduct usage request credits with this specific chat.

App Version: 0.11.8

This is a bug! Thank you for reporting. In the next version (released this weekend), we will again show a “connection error” below the chat when this happens.

To fix this for you now: any chance you could send me the email you use for Cursor? That way, I should be able to look at the logs and see what’s up. If you prefer to not send it publicly here, feel free to either DM me here or send an email to

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Oh, good to know! Thanks, I’ll send you a DM right away.

Actually I’ve no idea how to send a DM here, lol. If you’re able to see my account email in here, it’s the same one I use for the Cursor subscription.

Also I made a typo in my OP: this bug does not deduct credits for me, so all good here.

Got it! I’ll investigate.

So I’m experiencing the same behavior again, but this time it happens in all chats, even if I create a new one.

Basically cannot use chat at all.

Sorry for the late response. Is this still happening? There might have been some API downtime.

It probably was! It’s been all good since then. Thank you anyway!

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