Claude usage-based pricing

I know there is a 10k context limit in Cursor, but if I turn on the ‘usage-based pricing’ feature, will there still be this 10k limit, or do I have to enter an API key to get rid of the 10k limit? I love your application, but I wish you had a payment plan, such as a $30 long context plan, because we need serious context lengths when writing code, and sonnet and haiku are insufficient in this regard,
claude 3 opus is the best ai tool for code, and 10 usage rights are insufficient!

Usage-based pricing won’t increase context length for Opus, but you could try this method:

(it costs around 3$ per Opus request with your own API key)

When you look at the cost, it seems quite expensive, it is very normal for companies to cut down on the length of the context, but gpt4o, which has a very low cost, can be added to the ‘long context chat’, or at least gpt4o-32k etc. a model.