CMD + Shift + L stopped working

Not sure if this is a bug or not but I can not longer use CMD + Shift + L to open chat or add text from a file to the chat.

Keyboard shortcut seems configured correctly.

This seems like a bug. Is this still persisting?

Yep, still a problem. Have totally lost CMD+Shift+L which is a real bummer.

Any pointers on how to debug?

What version of Cursor are you on? And what operating system

I’m seeing this issue in version 0.29.1 on MacOS. I’ve seen it in older versions of Cursor as well.

This is a pretty annoying issue. I have to go back to VSCode any time I want to perform the kind of multi-string manipulation that CMD+Shift+L makes easy.

Similarly, Cursor seems to sometimes override CMD+Shift+E if the cursor is in a sequence which is underlined due to an error or warning, which is annoying, but slightly less annoying than CMD+Shift+L.

It seems like Cursor is basically not respecting existing keyboard shortcuts if there’s any collision with its “special” shortcuts (i.e. CMD+L, CMD+K, CMD+Shift+E, etc.).

Hi Brendan

I believe the original issue is different to what you are referring to here.

In regard to your issue, you can replace our hotkey to fix your issue. You just need to click “Command - Shift - P” and search for “Insert Selection Into Chat”.

Then, click the gear next to the command. You can remove the shortcut or replace it with whatever seems best for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah my bad, the original issue is indeed different. I started creating a new post and the forum suggested this thread - I just assumed it was the same issue based on the title. :slight_smile:

That does indeed fix my issue, thanks for the suggestion! Didn’t realize Cursor/VSCode supported multiple commands for the same keybinding.