Cmd + z should revert code instead of chat

hey friends,
Sometimes that could be improved is that pressing cmd+Z should revert the code instead of undoing the typing in the cmd+d chat box.

If there’s already a way to do that, please share! :slight_smile:
Otherwise, it would be a nice thing to fix.

Not to be a pain but I disagree. If the team would implement something like this I would hope it to be togglable

hey! you’re not a pain. Curious to hear why you like cmd Z to delete one by one the chars typed in the cmd k box though? what am I missing?

Same reason I like to have it in word/docs, I just make mistakes and it’s nice to have. Perhaps it could be separated tho? Like if you ctrl z while in a file it won’t touch the chat box for example.

ah yes! I meant that it should go back to reverting the code when the cmd k box is not in focus!
So, yes, I think we agree here

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