Codebase context not working in WSL

It does it’s searching for files thing, finds no context, then gives a “Used: No context” answer. If I clone the project into windows it is able to use codebase context.


Is no one else having this problem? Happening for me in any project even even after deleting index, resyncing etc. Happens whether I hit ctrl-enter or @codebase and explicitly tell it what files to include. The only reason I’ve been using Cursor over cheaper alternatives is I’ve found codebase context to work better out of the box, so it’s kind of useless to me at the moment if I can’t use it in WSL.

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Same issue over SSH.

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Same issue on MacOS, haven’t gotten a reply yet!

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Facing the same issue on mac. I have been preferring cursor solely because of the effectiveness of the codebase functionality but over the last couple of days it has been extremely frustrating. Of the few times that it works, it ends up removing the codebase context in the subsequent messages of the same thread. Request the team to look into these issue asap else will have to start exploring other alternatives.

Not working for me either. Also on WSL2, did not try any other option.