Codebase Index: Only .gitignore is indexed?

Hi all,

In using the @codebase chat, the “Final Codebase Context” only lists .gitignore. Their is briefly a heading that says “Global Context” but then is disappears.

Here is the prompt (the component is loaded into the chat):

Ok now look through the codebase and tell me which file defines
“config”, which is accessed via this.config.api.vendors that isused in this component.

and it’s reply is:

The file that defines the [config](file:///[…]/.gitignore#5%2C9-5%2C9) object accessed via this.config.api.vendors in the Vendor.vue component is not explicitly shown in the provided code snippets. You may need to search the project’s source code for a configuration file or a setup script where [config](file:///[…]/.gitignore#5%2C9-5%2C9) is defined, typically found in files like config.js, settings.js, or similar. Look for a file where api and vendors properties are set on a [config](file:///[…]/.gitignore#5%2C9-5%2C9) object.

I have tried deleting / re-indexing so far. No dice.
Any ideas? tia

add the Gitignore to .cursorignore. Problem solved,

i think

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That did it, thanks.