Concerns about Privacy Mode and Data Storage

Hi everyone,

I’m currently using to assist with my development work on a client project. My client has raised concerns about potential NDA violations and data protection, even though I’ve been using Privacy Mode to prevent data collection.

Specifically, my client wants assurance that enabling Privacy Mode ensures that no data is saved or stored in’s database when scanning files on my local computer. I’ve reached out to the team for documentation or evidence to verify this, but I was wondering if anyone here has dealt with similar concerns or has any insights.

Have any of you had to prove to your clients that Privacy Mode effectively prevents data storage? How did you go about getting this assurance? Any documentation, experiences, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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You can read a new page on privacy.
Click [ Full Policy ] toggle.

In addition, Business plan includes OpenAI’s zero-data retention policy.

OpenAI’s zero-data retention policy refers to a practice where OpenAI does not retain any personal data or conversation history provided by users through its services. This policy ensures that:

  1. No Data Storage: Any data sent to OpenAI’s servers is not stored permanently. Once the interaction is completed, the data is deleted and not saved in any database or storage system.

  2. Privacy Protection: This policy enhances user privacy by ensuring that their information is not retained or accessible for future use. It minimizes the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

  3. Compliance: It helps in complying with various privacy laws and regulations that require minimizing data retention and protecting user privacy.

  4. Security: By not retaining data, OpenAI reduces potential security vulnerabilities associated with data storage.

Overall, OpenAI’s zero-data retention policy is designed to protect user privacy and data security by ensuring that personal data is not stored or retained beyond the duration of the interaction.

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Thanks @kinopee but I need a piece of proper evidence to prove that when I turn privacy mode on, Cursor won’t store any of my code to the DB, your privacy page alone doesn’t convince my client enough :cry: